All Natural Beef

Old River Farms is happy to announce we now have our own all natural beef for sale. All cows are born and raised right here on the farm!

All generations of our Black and Red Angus cows have never been exposed to any kind of growth hormones, steroids or antibiotics. Our cows never visit a feed lot. Directly from our field to processor. Although our herd is small (no more than 60 at any time) they have over 100 acres of premium grazing year round! A small herd ensures that our high quality beef stays very consistent. Our cows eat hay/grass their entire lives.  As seasons change they will enjoy grazing on coastal bermuda, wheat, rye and oats. In addition to feeding our cows grass and hay, as a treat they also enjoy corn, peanuts, watermelon,  and several other vegetables that we grow here on the farm throughout the year. The addition of corn and other vegetables into their diet gives our beef a very nice marbling, which adds to the flavor and tenderness of the beef. Our beef is much leaner than what you would find in your local big box grocery store, but we feel good knowing that our cows were raised naturally and fed what we grow for them.

We have a close relationship with our butcher. We only use Micro Summit for processing our beef. They are one of the few humane, animal welfare approved processors in our area. Their quality, cleanliness and overall attention to detail is the best we have ever experienced. They vacuum package and flash freeze all our beef into conveniently labeled individual servings, ready to go into your freezer.
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Michael Lanier
Old River Farms